What Our Clients Say


“Since my son has been coached under the GBR program I have seen a marked improvement in his organisational skills and study habits. He is now less stressed about his study as he has a clear plan in place. His results have also improved under the coaching program which was of course the ultimate goal. I highly recommend the program.”

— David, Father


“With the coaching help I have been able to set clear and achievable goals. This has given me something to aim for and has increased my focus. The GBR program has been a great help to me.”

— Joel, Year 10


“Gary provided me with many tips and tricks to help study more efficiently and overall have better time management. Some of these tips included how to identify and minimize my distractions, such as my mobile phone, TV shows, friends and other family members. Another included using self-reflecting comments to record marks out of 10 for the quality of the study period just completed.

Being better at time management resulted in a weekly planner that organised study, extra-curricular activities (sport, music), family time and “my-time”. I found Gary to be easy to talk to, helpful at all times, flexible and genuinely interested in me and my progress. My academic marks improved with under the GBR program.

— Monty, Year 10


“I have known Gary for over 20 years and I didn’t hesitate for a second when he approached me with the idea of academic coaching for my son, Tom.

What attracted me to the program was to be able to provide Tom with skills and programmes that will not only benefit him during his schooling but also provide him a rock-solid foundation for tertiary study as well as when he enters the workforce. The GBR programme provides that. It is also very much student focussed with the relationship and interaction being between student and coach.

The benefits for Tom have been very apparent with better planning skills, great time management and most importantly coping activities to ensure that he copes when the ‘heat’ comes on during peak semester assessment.”

— Michael, Father


“We were fortunate in having Gary’s considerable academic coaching expertise. One of the most impressive aspects was the focus on balancing Monty’s many commitments. They worked to identify what was going on in Monty’s life and together, developed a weekly plan, importantly leaving some “Monty time” for unwinding.

As parents, we witnessed greater concentration and self-starting towards study. The GBR program provided Monty with tools to motivate himself and just start studying. Once a study period was commenced, Monty was able to focus, knowing that he had time for himself once the commitment was completed.

It helped that Gary is not only good academically but has the ‘street cred’ of being successful in sport and other extra-curricular activities. Gary exemplifies what a balanced life can achieve and proved to be an excellent coach for Monty.

— David and Claire, Parents


“Gary from “Going Beyond Results” has worked with my daughter this Semester focusing on helping her with strategies for organising her study timetable and assessment timelines, managing stresses and demands and approaches to improving her Academic results.  When she speaks about the coaching it is with such positivity and confidence that it is helping her. When I asked why she believes this her response was: “it has given me much clarity in times during the term when I have many demands and I previously have not known what I should do.  It has given me confidence to approach my studies and talk to my teachers about how I can improve my results and has absolutely reduced my stress.”

As a parent, I couldn't have asked for more.  Often the advice I was giving her was helping but when Gary has a coaching session with her, she is in control about what she needs help with and can ask for advice; this one on one time has been invaluable.  It has changed my daughter’s mindset and motivation and that is invaluable.

— Jane, Mother