Living your best life

If you are ready to take a step, to start making changes that will allow you to live the life you deserve then you should look into our personalised, one on one coaching program tailored to meet your needs.
Our program will help clarify what it is you truly want, identify the blocks to having this life, create a plan to achieving your best life and assist you to stay accountable to achieve your goal. Whether you are looking for improvements in your health (physical or mental), work life, relationships or some other area in your life, a coach can help you achieve it.

Hugh Jackman has a coach, Richard Branson has a coach, Ash Barty has a coach, Adam Scott has a coach. A coach is a key component in successful people being successful. In our coaching, we will help you.

  • understand the current reality
  • clarify your goals
  • identify any limiting beliefs or negative self-talk that is holding you back
  • investigate patterns of behaviour that stop you achieving your goals
  • create a plan and action steps to become the best you
  • help you maintain momentum towards the change you desire

What our clients say:

When I ran into Gary early in the year it was great timing. My business was going very well but I regularly found myself waking in the morning with my mind spinning with everything that was going on. I have benefited greatly from meeting up every couple of weeks and being able to talk through what is going on in my world. Gary is someone I feel comfortable talking to, the fact that he has known me from when I was in school as both my teacher and a rugby coach made it very easy to trust him. He knows where I have come from and I know he will listen, ask questions that will help me sort through what is going on and that everything we say is kept in confidence. I have benefited from Gary’s coaching skills in particular helping me to work on how to “flip” my thinking to find the positive in difficult situations and to separate the external situation from my internal response. I control my response to the situation. I look forward to continuing to work with Gary in 2021 and recommend his coaching.

Cam Massie
Managing Director – CBM