Going Beyond Results

Empowering students to achieve positive outcomes

"I am more confident in what I have to do, I’m more organized, I keep in a structure. When I’m busy it’s even more important."

- JC, Year 11

"I’m much more organised. I am working more and working more efficiently."

- MJ, year 10

"So much less stress as I am more aware of my commitments."

- TF, year 10

"I am only doing a little bit more time in study but I am so much more focused I get a lot more work done."

- JM, year 10

"I’m confident in what I have to do."

- JF, year 11

"It has given me much clarity in times during the term when I have many demands and I previously have not known what I should do."

- LT, year 10

About Us

Gary Bruce is an educator, writer and speaker with over 30 years of teaching and leadership experience across state and independent schools, co-educational and single sex schools, and in the private sector.

Gary works with the student to improve outcomes for the student by focussing on the needs of the individual student. He has worked with and within schools and educational organisations to create learning environments that engage learners and increase their self-efficacy.



One on One Personal Academic Coaching

For Senior Secondary Students and 1st Year University

Qualified Experienced Coaches

The Benefits

Our program is a one on one, personalised program focussed on supporting your child’s needs.

This is not a generic program rolled out to 20 to100 students at a time. We cap the number of students we work with to ensure that every student gets the highest quality support.

We take time with your child and you. We ask lots of questions and we listen. We review past performances. We analyse academic strengths and weaknesses, learning style and personality type.

Then, once we know your student, we tailor a program specifically for them and their needs.

Our coaches are highly qualified and well-trained educators who have a passion for helping others achieve positive outcomes.

At the end of the program you will see a more organised, more confident and less stressed student.

They will have developed the techniques, attitudes, skills and knowledge that will serve them at school and into the future.

We are confident that they will improve their academic results – but GBR is about more than that – we are “Going Beyond Results”.

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